Rhosneigr to Hermon – Wales Coast Path

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Starting point by the clock tower in Rhosneigr, a small bridge crosses the river and the path heads diagonally through the dunes behind the Oystercatcher restaurant.

Make your way passing Traeth Llydan towards Barclodiad y Gawres, which can be seen ahead on Mynydd Mawr. This is a prehistoric tomb, dated 2,500BC with carved stones. Restored the tomb is locked but guided tours can be arranged.

Rounding the bend we come upon Porth Trecastell. The surfers are in the water, and the volunteer litter pickers are on the beach. Louise drops in for a chat. Lucy and I continue on, knowing that she will soon catch us up.

At this stage, we are aware of the irritating whine of car engines as they race around the Anglesey circuit. It disturbs the tranquility of the day. To each his/her own I guess!

We make our way across a field to clear the circuit before once again dropping down to the shore at Porth Cwyfan. The Lleyn coastline,a deep blue can be clearly seen across the bay.

Another special place, St Cwyfan’s Church in the Sea, a medieval church dating from the 12th century, dedicated to St Kevin.

We stop for lunch, we have had our wet weather gear on based on the weather forecast, we are steaming in our own personal sauna suits. We feel a few drops of rain, but not even enough to dampen our sandwiches.

Moving on we stop to watch the oystercatchers with their bright orange beaks, before following the Afon Ffraw up to Aberffraw. Here was the medieval capital of Wales, the court of Llywelyn the Great. Edward 1 removed the stones from the court to build Beaumaris castle, then built the village over any remaining trace.

The best view of the day was across the estuary to Aberffraw beach with Lleyn coastline in the background.

With the long drive home in mind we crossed over the old bridge and make up time we made our way along the high tide route to Hermon.

Crossing over from the Isle of Anglesey onto the mainland the heavens opened, and a rainbow smiled down, but mainly it rained for the four hour drive towards home!

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