Rhosneigr to Rhoscolyn – Wales Coast Path

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Rhosneigr to Rhoscolyn with a side trip from Four-mile Bridge to Stanley Embankment positioning ourselves for the next stage.

The walk is clearly signposted from the centre of Rhosneigr and off the main road heading over a bridge at Afon Crigyll.

It is a bright, sunny day. All is well with the world. We drop down to the beach at Traeth Cymyran. The path itself runs at a higher level, but the tide was out and we opted for the sand.

RAF Valley is based here and you are left in no doubt by the numerous signs that you should keep moving and keep out.

Before turning off a sizeable track through a farmer’s field, we stopped to take in water and snacks. Louise was surprised by a pony sneaking up on her to steal her crisps. None of us had heard that horse coming! We laughed, until we saw the churned up mud at the gate. My boots were soon smelling of mulched manure.

Lucy turned to find another gateway!

We had already harmonised on an impromptu version of “What a different a day makes”, now Lucy and Louise started on the Sound of Music with actions which had me in stitches!

We follow the estuary up to Penrhyn-Hwlad, lying on the grass and picnicking, the sun on our faces. A nice feeling following such a long winter.

At Four mile Bridge (so called, as it is four miles to Holyhead), we took the turning to the right off the bridge, as it was the only signpost direction and found ourselves unintentionally out on the Stanley Embankment at Valley.

Tiring, we walked across the Embankment to the car park and convenient cafe at Penrhos Park.

We were still debating where best to ask a taxi to take us, when the cafe owner, said her husband would drop us off, whenever we were ready to go.

So after a latte and a long break, we bundled into the very clean car in our muddy boots. Confusing him even further we decided to resume our walk to Rhoscolyn from Fourmile Bridge.

He told Lucy, it was madness ,when she tried to pay him.

Once more on the path, we were startled by the sounds of a car horn. Our friend had returned to check we had the right directions and a map. I think felt a sense of responsibility, particularly as we had dithered so much about our final destination.

The kindness of strangers never ceases to amaze me.

The rest of the walk to Rhoscolyn was uneventful, and we returned by car to our starting point at Rhosneigr for fish and chips at sunset

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