Dale to Sandy Haven – Wales Coast Path

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The sea was sparkling in the morning sunlight as we headed out of the village towards Musselwick, over the stepping stones, perfect timing as the tide was far out.

We went up a path and through woods to Monk Haven, with its high walls you can envisage the monastic settlement here. Except that the high walls are a lot more recent – a boundary to the nearby estate.

Quietly waiting for Eniko and Lucy I got talking to a local bird watcher. When the others arrived he insisted on walking with us a little way to point out the nesting peregrine falcons.

He leaped up on a hedge, drew me up after him, then complained that I was still too short. Whereupon, I fell backwards into a gorse bush. I love meeting people who are passionate about their interests, despite a prickly bottom

I only got to see the circulating falcon, not the nest!

This should have been a simple walk, and our intention had been to walk on to Milford Haven, but by the time we got to Sandy Haven, the tide had turned.

Four miles on the road to Herbranston, a quick stop in the pub, some friendly guidance by a man who walked us to the pub, before we could turn back down to Sandy Haven. Needless to stay we didn’t walk any further!

We had been so aware of the earlier tide at Musselwick, I hadn’t made an allowance for the tide in Sandy Haven.

My metatarsals were mangled from road walking I was so grateful for the vicious June storm that came in overnight!

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