Martin’s Haven to Dale – Wales Coast Path

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The wind had dropped, and we have a beautiful clear day, but the rains are coming in at 2pm, necessitating an earlier check out from the cottage, cars to pack up and get to our starting point, sooner rather than later

Martin’s Haven is the place where the boats depart for Skomer island. The Puffin watchers were up early and the National trust car park was filling up!

Skokholm in the distance, some 2.5 miles from shore is a bird and wildlife haven, while Skomer island closer to shore is home to half the world’s population of Manx shearwaters! Although the Atlantic puffins are a photographer’s dream bird!

We quickly reached the very stunning Marloes Sands and the tidal island of Gateholm at its head is very noticeably featured in the film Snow white and the Huntsman. A computer generated castle is added to the island in post production.

Pass an old airfield we drop down the Valley into Westdale Bay.

We reach St Anne’s Head and lighthouse only to find the access gate to the path blocked by a cow rubbing her nether regions against the gate, with no intention of moving despite shooing. Attracting the attention of the other cows in the field. We had no option but to circumnavigate the field until we found another entrance!

The next point of interest was Mill Bay where in 1485 Henry Tudor landed with his French allies and set forth to do battle at Bosworth Field, defeating Richard 111 and taking the throne of England.

Onwards to the West Blockhouse, a garrison built in 1857 for 34 men and 1 officer, now owned by the Landmark Trust it provides very comfortable holiday accommodation.

Beyond Warwick point with its huge navigation pillar, we eventually get to Dale Point, reaching the road and eventually down through the woods to Dale village.

Then it rained!

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