Ogmore to Porthcawl – Wales Coast Path

Ogmore to Porthcawl. Lovely to have friends Gill Berntsen and Kim West join us on this walk.

We start at the pub and head down to the river past the significant Norman remains of Ogmore Castle. From here we cross the river at the stepping stones.

This is a reminder that we should check tide tables when we have to ford estuaries on our walks.

We met some riders from the trekking centre nearby.

We chatted as we made or way through Merthyr Mawr and the beautiful thatched cottages.

We quickly reach the Merthyr Mawr sand dunes and the Nature reserve – the dunes are among the largest in Europe.

The scene changes as we reach Porthcawl passing through the very large caravan park – Trecco Bay. We enjoyed the ornamental decorations in the caravan gardens. We were particularly taken with the tortoise display.

Gill and Lucy recounting their misspent youth at Coney Island funfair, before finally crossing Sandy Bay and reaching the harbour at Porthcawl, ending up at the Pier Hotel for coffee and tea cake.

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