Margam to Aberavon Sands – Wales Coast Path

On the day we walked this stretch the workers from Port Talbot steel works were voting on an offer made by owners Tata, to accept a reduced pension scheme in return for keeping the steel works. They accepted the offer.

My favourite memories of Port Talbot is returning from working in London in my late teens and twenties, and seeing the steel works lit up and the furnaces belching smoke and fire. I always felt I was nearing home even though it was still a long journey to Pembrokeshire.

My other fond memory is the National Theatre Wales production of the Passion with Michael Sheen.

Lucy has other fond memories from her days at St Joseph Catholic School and the weirdest experience of the day was our taxi driver taking us back from Aberavon to Margam had been to the same school – knew several people in common, and many stories were shared on the way back to our car.

Previously we had met a lady walking her dogs who knew a mutual friend. I love these random conversations with people who pass us on the path.

The sun shone as we walked along Aberavon Beach – a magnificent 5km – 3 mile stretch of sand – playground of many a Sunday school trip, and Lucy tales…..

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