Llwyngwril to Rhoslefain – Wales Coast path

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A short walk of around 6km – just long enough to stretch our legs after a three hour drive.

Llwyngwril is a village of some 500 people, but it deserves to take centre stage for this walk. The yarn bombers of Llwyngwril have been very busy over the past couple of years and while some people paint the town, the good folk of Llwyngwril have decided to knit the town.

Numerous mice and rats adorn the bridge, Blodeuwedd stands proud on a green space in front of some houses and as we turn up a side road by the church, the war memorial has a large display of knitted poppies.

There is quite a steep walk up the hill onto a common, over a couple of cattle grid and right onto a farm lane. Stiles and ladders are the order of the day.

The walk is well sign posted, with atmospheric stone walls, patchwork fields and picturesque ruin of an old cottage.

Despite the steep terrain, it doesn’t take long before we descend towards the main road at Rhoslefain. It is a bit muddy in parts, mainly due to recent rain.

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