Pembroke to Milford Haven – Wales Coast Path

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The day started badly by missing the coast path signs coming out of Pembroke. I hate retracing my steps.  Coffee this morning in Food at Williams

We passed an old fort as we headed into Pembroke Dock, shuttered shop fronts made the how look quite deprived. That said the wall sculptures heading down to the Martello Tower on the Quay were a great insight into the rich history of the port. Irish Ferries link with Ireland was in port as we walked through.

We walked across the very windy tollgate bridge, looking down on the Aberdaucleddau estuary.

We then took another wrong turning. More retracing of steps and after the next bridge we turned towards Neyland.

At this stage my feet were beginning to ache from all the road walking so we paused and aired our feet with Brunel’s statue looking stonily on.

The village of Llanstadwell is the only pleasant distraction from now on, with its pretty church and road side flower displays.

Beyond this point is a plethora of high fences, walking under the massive wind turbines. The noise they make is reminiscent of the opening scene of Good Morning Vietnam – the thwack , thwack, thwack as they spin in the wind sounding like chinook helicopters.

We walk over the high bridges, over the lpg pipelines and onwards through farm fields to the edge of the river, over the Black bridge, being very wary of traffic here.

Through Pill to the Rath and down hill on Hamilton Terrace.

Glad to see the end of this lengthy walk, as my feet were killing me.

Lessons learnt: even if you wear great boots, check the state of your insoles. Mine were threadbare after 400 miles of walking, and I suffered for it

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