Burry Port to Kidwelly – Wales Coast Path

We stayed in a very “tidy” apartment by the harbour in Burry Port booked through AirBnB, over looking the beach and with stunning views of the Worms head and Gower in the distance. It is also within a stone’s throw of the Parson Pickles factory, housed in an old tinplate building. Will be going to see if they have a factory shop in the morning!

Coal, copper, silver and lead used to be shipped from this harbour.

References to Amelia Earhart regularly appear in the town – she flew with two companions from Trepassy in Newfoundland in June 1928 – taking just over 21 hours. They only had 50 gallons of fuel left when they landed. In 1932 she flew solo across the Atlantic and then in 1937 disappeared without a trace.

Pembrey Country Park was already buzzing with dog walkers and cyclists as we set off on our walk . This is a great space for outdoor enthusiasts, it even has a ski slope.

My favourite stretch on this route is the Cefn Sidan (Silky Back) sands. I found a map listing the shipwrecks along this shore, I gave up counting after 70 wrecks. Some can still be seen along the shore. Josephine’s (wife of Napoleon) niece is at rest in the local church after the sinking of La Jeune Emma.


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