Carmarthen to Ferryside – Wales Coast Path

For a weekend of mainly estuary walking we stayed in a little cottage in Laugharne.

I love Laugharne, the spirit of Dylan lives on – but the parking is a nightmare.  A frosty morning and I am loading the car when I notice that someone had scrolled “Do not Park here” – to be immediately accosted by a very irate pyjama clad female who berated me for parking legitimately in a space outside her house… at 7am, before I had a coffee which was a bit much!

Anyway other encounters were much friendlier, so off we set in the car to Carmarthen to walk to Ferryside.

As we walked around a busy roundabout on the road out of Carmarthen, we heard a car toot its horn repeatedly – looking round we saw friendly Eddie, our taxi driver from Saturday – with a cheerful “still walking ladies” – he disappeared down the road.

A pretty enough walk, passing a number of farms, one steep 60 step drop, but otherwise a pleasant but not spectacular walk.

Then back on the bus to Carmarthen and the drive home.

Lucy and I have now completed 185 miles of the Wales Coastal path. Only some 695 miles to go!

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