Rhossili to Horton, Gower – Wales Coast Path

Early morning and a cold start to the day. We parked one car at Horton and another at Rhossili. We started the walk from the National Trust car park and headed down towards the Worm.

Unfortunately it is high tide, so we did not walk the length of the Worm.

We were not able to get down to Paviland cave either due to the tide. Paviland is where the skeleton known as the Red Lady of Paviland was discovered in 1823. The so called red lady has subsequently been identified as a man! The skeleton has been dated to be 29,000 years old. After today’s walk I feel that old too! There are quite a few ascents and descents on this leg of the Wales Coast Path.

The sun burns through, we regularly stop to take in the landscape – the heavy, pungent smell of the yellow gorse, I wonder if Jo Malone has a candle to match.

The sea crashing on rocks, the haunting sound of the bell on a lone life buoy way out to sea, the sun sparkling on the ocean – a fishing boat comes into view, a bumble bee hums as it dives into the gorse flowers. Lucy bursts into spontaneous song, and we all join in.

All is well with the world.

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