Penclawdd to Cwm Ivy, Llanmadoc, Gower – Wales Coast Path

We are currently using Walking the Wales Coastal Path – (written by Paddy Dillon) – published by Cicerone, as our main guide for our walks.

We drop off luggage at AirBNB cottage, described as such but really, a terrace house in Penclawdd. Then park one car at Crofty and drive to the Cwm Ivy car park just beyond Llanmadoc.

A bit of a false start, as when we got to the Groose, a dyke traversing the marsh there were diversion notices. The sea wall had collapsed in 2014, and decision by partnership bodies regarding the best solution to the problem is yet to be taken

We did walk down to inspect the damage, and indeed it was wiser to retrace our steps and change our route. Unfortunately, the tide hadn’t quite reached its lowest ebb enabling us to cross the marshes, so we took to the red route, the indicator for the Alternative route when the tide is high.

Muddy underfoot, with pleasant blue sky and some cloud, we made our way companionably across the Landimore salt marsh, skirting Weobley Castle, a 14th century fortified Manor House.

We met 5 ladies from London, checking their Land-ranger maps, and gave them the benefit of our recent experience and diversions.

Squelching our way along, past curious sheep and horses to Llanrhidian marshes, the landscape seems primeval, we fantasise about creatures from the deep and dark rising up.

I think it was a dung heap covered in Toad Stools that triggered off a distant memory of the “Verry Volk” that roam these parts. In my part of Wales we would call them “Tylwyth Teg” I half expected to turn a corner and see a group of pixies in red and green dancing a jig – I stuck to the path for fear of squishing the wee ones!

Our walk through to Crofty was uneventful – we crossed over to the processing plant for Penclawdd Cockles, before reaching the car.

We were delighted to see them as a starter on the menu at the Railway Inn, Penclawdd that evening. My main course was Burry Port Mussels, although I had to ask if they were local, as it wasn’t highlighted on the menu! Simple local food, cooked well, what more could you want after a long walk.

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