A Capital Walk from Cadoxton, Barry to Pengam Green, Cardiff – Wales Coast Path

We use two guidebooks:
Cicerone Walking the Wales Coast Path
The Wales Coast Path – A Practical guide for Walkers by Christopher Goddard & Katharine Evans.

We also use the official Wales Coast Path app. Which is helpful should there be a need to see if we have strayed off the path (sounds very biblical that). If in doubt, out comes Lucy’s phone and we stop to check our position.

We skirt the capital city, Cardiff during this walk. Much of this stage is along busy roads, even the guide book tells you to “ grit your teeth”, during the early stages.

Sully Bay, the walk through Penarth across the Cardiff Bay Barrage and through the Bay itself are the highlights.

The low lights is the depressing amount of litter in verges through Ocean Way and East Moors, the sewage works is massive.

But what glory just out of view, the Cardiff mudflats shone and shimmered in the sunshine. Passing a travellers site, dogs were barking furiously, so we moved swiftly on to the large supermarket at Pengam Green where we had parked the car.

Overall more highlights than lowlights. Definitely a city walk of contrasts!

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