Newport Wetlands to Redwick – Wales Coast Path

Walking away from the Wetlands Centre – you can see the scale of the reserve – some 4.38 sq km. The joy of walking in winter is that you can spot the birdlife quite easily. Great for the novice.

We head towards the tiny East Usk Lighthouse before tromping through farm land.  We meet several birdwatchers with serious cameras and binoculars making for the various hides along the marshes.

“Morning girls – nice day for a walk “ was the standard greeting. We stopped for lunch at the hide near Redhouse Farm and benefited from a running commentary by a couple of “twitchers” already comfortably set up in the hide

Never to old to learn something new! There really are lagoons in Newport !!

Don’t expect to see a massive cliff at Gold cliff but you will find a café/shop at GoldCliff. We walked along the embankment looking down on the mudflats. The sea wall has been reinforced with massive boulders along this stretch of the WCP. A pipeline mars the landscape.

We eventually reach a lane, double checking with a couple of fishermen that this leads to Redwick, we head up a very muddy lane leading to an even muddier farm yard before reaching the village of Redwick.


Rubber boots were great on this muddy path.
Learn to expect mucky farmyards in winter

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